Configure growth settings

Admins can configure the following settings in the Growth module. 

Navigate to Settings > Growth > Settings.

Create and share a career aspirations survey

You can create a career aspirations survey tailored to each employee’s unique ambitions. This approach fosters employee engagement, satisfaction, and strategic workforce development. Learn more in Create and share a career aspirations survey.

Note: If the Growth module is enabled for your organization, you can create a career aspirations survey. Learn more in Enable or disable a module in Engagedly.

Set up email notification

You can email employees to announce the launch of the Growth module in your organization and initiate the IDP process. This will inform them and prepare them to actively engage in their growth and development.

  1. In the Setup Email Notification field, click Set-up Email.

Configure Settings1

   2.   Type the email subject and set the launch date.

  3.   Type the email message and click Launch.

Configure Settings2

If required, you can

  • Click Save if you want to launch the email later.
  • Customize the system-generated email subject, launch date, and message.

Manage IDPs

You can select the option Enable users above the employee hierarchy to edit and delete IDP/milestones if required. This allows managers or admins to make necessary adjustments to support employee development and efficiently align goals with organizational priorities.

Configure Settings3

Reward points

You can set reward points for employees who complete their IDPs, encouraging them to create and complete their IDPs and fostering a culture of continuous learning and development within the organization.

  1. In the Reward Points field, enable the Award points to the employees on completion of IDPs.
  2. Set the award points.

Enable skills and competencies for growth

You can enable skills and competencies for employees' growth, providing them with a structured framework to identify, develop, and showcase their abilities.

Note: If enabled, employees can select skills and competencies when they create their IDPs.

In the Enable Skills & Competencies for Growth field, select the option Skills and Competencies as required.

Configure Settings4

Note: The skill field in the Growth module remains disabled if the Skills application is not enabled in Engagedly Apps.

After configuring all the settings, click Save at the top right.

After launching the Growth module, any employee in the organization can create IDPs.