Add and manage to-dos

Any participant can add to-dos, manage them if required, and mark them completed after achieving them. Adding to-dos in a meeting is necessary to delegate tasks, track action items, and ensure accountability among participants.

Navigate to the Candy Candy box1 Box on the left pane and select Meetings.

Add to-dos

You can add to-dos and assign them to any other participant in the same meeting.

  1. Click a meeting.
  2. On the right, click Add To-dos in the To-Dos field.

Add and manage to-dos1

  3.   Add a title for the to-do.

You can also click the Marissa AI Marissa 5@2x (2) Icon to generate to-dos based on the discussion points.

  4.   Click the drop-down and select a meeting participant to assign them a to-do.

Note: Your name is selected by default in the to-do. You can assign a to-do to only one participant.

  5.   Click the Calendar Master Component-6 Icon to set the due date.

  6.   Type the description and click Save.

Add and manage to-dos2

Manage to-dos

After adding to-dos, you can manage the ones that you create if required.

Hover over the to-dos and select the Edit edit grey-3 or Delete Delete Grey icons as required.

Click blue plus To-Do to add another to-do.

Add and manage to-dos3

Mark to-dos as completed

You can view the to-dos based on their status. 

At the top right, click the drop-down to view All, Pending, or Completed to-dos.

After achieving to-dos, you can mark them as completed.

Select a to-do.

Add and manage to-dos4

After selecting to-do, you can view it with a strike-through, marking it as completed.

Add and manage to-dos5

You can view the to-dos assigned to you on the Meetings module home page. Learn more in Meetings user guide for Employees.