Add team members' IDP to the meeting

After creating IDPs for employees, managers can add them to the existing meetings to discuss them with the employees. They can also create new meetings to discuss their team members' IDPs.

Navigate to Growth on the left pane and click My Team.

Add IDP to the existing meeting

  1. Click the Filter Icon on the left pane and select the team as required.
  2. Select an employee on the left pane.
  3. Click the Overflow Overflow Menu-Nov-20-2023-05-10-31-0841-AM Menu on an IDP that you want to add to a meeting and select Add to Meeting.

Add IDP to the meeting1 - Copy-1

  4.   Click the drop-down to select the participants.

Note: By default, your name is added, as you are the meeting organizer and cannot remove it.

  5.   Click the Calendar Calendar Icon Icon and select the date to import a meeting for a specific duration.

  6.   Click the Sort Sort Icon Icon and select the option I am the organizer or I am the attendee as required.

  7.   Hover over the meetings, click Select, and click Add.

Note: Adding IDPs to a discussion point in a meeting makes all details visible to all participants.

Add IDP to the meeting2

On the Select Meeting pop-up, click Create Meeting at the top right to create a new meeting.

By default, the IDP you selected in step 3 is added as a discussion point. However, you can remove it if required.

Create meeting

You can also create a new meeting to add IDPs as discussion points.

Navigate to Growth on the left pane and click My Team.

Click Meetings at the top right and select Create Meetings.

Note: You cannot create meetings without integrating with Google or Microsoft Calendar. Contact our support team for calendar integration.

Learn more in Create and import meeting.