Create and import meeting

Employees, managers, and admins can create and import meetings to organize and coordinate discussions, share information, make decisions, and collaborate effectively with colleagues.

Note: You must integrate with Google or Microsoft Calendar to create meetings. Contact our support team for calendar integration.

Create meeting

You can create meetings with anyone in the organization.

Navigate to the Candy Candy box1 Box on the left pane and select Meetings.


If you are creating meetings for the first time, you must select an account.

  1. Click the Select Account drop-down and select an account.
  2. Click Sign in with Google.

Create and import meeting1

  3.   Select an account, click Continue, and click Allow to authenticate your account with the calendar.

Note: The meeting organizer’s email ID must match their Engagedly email ID to view the meetings they create in the Meetings module.

Once you authenticate your account, you can create the meetings anytime.

  1. Click Create at the top right and type the meeting title.
  2. In the Participants drop-down, search and select the participants.
  3. Set the event date and time.
  4. Search and select the time zone.
  5. Select the meeting type.

You can view the following meeting types:

  • Google or Microsoft Conference: Select whether you have linked a Google or Microsoft account, respectively. This adds the calendar link automatically.
  • Offline: Select if you want to schedule a meeting offline.
  • Others: Enter the conference links for other platforms, like Zoom and Slack.

  6.   Toggle the button in the Recurrence setup field to set up recurring meetings.

Note: Follow steps 7, 8, and 9 only if you want to create recurring meetings.

Create and import meeting2

  7.   Set the number of recurrences in the Repeats Every field.

  8.   Click the drop-down and select daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly as required.

If you select

  • Weekly: You can select any day or days.
  • Monthly: By default, the system considers the meeting date and day to repeat the meeting monthly. You can select either the day or date.

  9.   Select the option in the Recurrence Ends field.

If you select

  • Never: The meeting never ends.
  • Ends By: You must set the end date. The meeting ends a day before the end date in Google Calendar and on the same date in Microsoft Calendar.
  • Ends After: You must set the number of occurrences. The meeting ends after the set number of occurrences. For example, if you set the number of occurrences to three, the meeting ends after three recurrences.

  10.   Type the meeting description and click Save.

Note: Steps 4 to 9 are optional.

Create and import meeting3


Import meeting

You can import a meeting into the Meetings module, which you have created in the calendar.

Note: You cannot import past meetings.

Navigate to the Candy Box on the left pane and select Meetings.

  1. Click the Overflow Overflow Menu-Nov-20-2023-05-10-31-0841-AM Menu at the top right and click Import Meeting.
  2. Click the drop-down to select the participants.
  3. Click the Calendar Master Component-6 Icon and select the date to import a meeting for a specific duration.
  4. Click the Sort Sort Icon Icon and select the option I am the organizer or I am the attendee as required.
  5. Hover over the meetings and click Import.

Create and import meeting4

If you import a recurrence meeting, select This event or All events in this series as required, and click Import.

If you are the meeting organizer, you can manage the meeting if required. Learn more in Manage meeting.