Bulk actions to manage performance cycle

HR/admins can perform cycle-related actions in bulk for employees, reviewers, skip-level reviewers, additional reviewers, and HR managers.

You can access the cycle manage page in multiple ways.

Navigate to Performance > Manage.

In the Process tab, click ACTIONS.

Based on the cycle settings, you can perform the following actions in bulk:

    • Remove employees from the cycle
    • Enable/disable leadership potential for selected employees
    • Assign/un-assign/share templates with the selected employees
    • Enable/disable skip-level reviewer for selected employees
    • Rollback the reviews of employee, manager, skip-level reviewer, and HR
    • Notify the selected users with pending reviews/sign-offs
    • Enable/disable the manager review visibility to the selected employees
    • Lock/unlock the reviews for selected employees
    • Delegate reviews for selected employees
    • Export the review form of selected employees
  • After you select any action, click SELECT.
  • Select the employees in bulk or individually and proceed to complete the action.