Career Aspirations in Growth: Managers

Table of Contents

1 Introduction

2 View your Team’s Career Aspirations Reports

1 Introduction

Recognizing and addressing the career aspirations of employees hold paramount importance. When employees are unsatisfied with their current roles, they explore alternative positions within the organization or aim to develop specific skills for career advancement. Managers play a crucial role in identifying their employees' career aspirations and proactively creating IDPs that align with each employee's unique ambitions. This fosters employee satisfaction, contributing to their professional growth.

You receive in-app and email notifications whenever the employees’ update their Role Satisfaction.

Note: You will not receive notifications if the employees do not update their Role Satisfaction and submit their responses to the remaining questions.

2 View your Team's Career Aspirations Reports

You can view the Career Aspirations reports of your team, the secondary team, and the entire team.

Navigate to Growth > My Team.

  • In the My Team tab, you can view the employees’ on the left pane. On the right, you can view their IDPs.
  1. On the left pane, click the Filter Master Component-1-2 Icon to select the team as required and select an employee.
  2. On the right, click the Star Star (Career Aspirations) Icon to view the Career Aspirations of each employee.

Career Aspirations1

  3.    Click each section to view the employee’s response to it.

Career Aspirations2

You can create the IDP based on the employees’ responses, which indicates their Career Aspirations. Click Create IDP at the top right.

  • In the Reports tab, you can view the reports based on Role Satisfaction only.

Scroll to the bottom to view the Role Satisfaction Distribution details of how many employees have responded to the Career Aspirations and their selection.

You can view the report details based on the team as required.

Click View Details and select the team in the View By drop-down menu.

Career Aspirations3

You can view the report details of each employee. Click the employee name to view their Growth Discovery History.

The Career Aspirations feature has been integrated into the Talent Profiles. You can view the employees’ responses to it.

Navigate to Talent Profiles.

  1. In the drop-down menu, select the team as required.
  2. In the MEMBERS field, select the employee.

Career Aspirations4

In the GROWTH DISCOVERY field, you can view the employee’s responses to the Career Aspirations.

Click View History to view their Growth Discovery History.

Career Aspirations5-1