Configure settings

Admins can configure the settings and manage the following features in Rewards:

Discretionary badges

Discretionary badges are the custom badges used to award points to employees. You can add and manage discretionary badges as required.

Add discretionary badges

You can add badges and set values for them.

Navigate to Settings > Rewards > Discretionary Badges.

  1. Click ADD BADGES at the top right.
  2. Type the badge name and its description.
  3. Select the badge points type as required and enter the badge points.

Note: If you select badge points as:

  • Fixed: You cannot modify it while rewarding others.
  • Maximum: You can award points up to the maximum limit that you set for the badge.

  4.   Select a badge from the badges library, type the points in each badge level as required, and click ADD.

Configure settings1

You can hide the badges in use and add new badges to the library as required.
You can edit the points limit and frequency of rewarding discretionary badges to the employees.

  1. Click EDIT at the top right.
  2. Set the points limit, select the frequency in the drop-down as required, and click SAVE.
Configure settings2

Manage discretionary badges

After adding discretionary badges, you can edit or deactivate them if required.

Click the Overflow Overflow Menu-3 Menu on a badge and select Edit or Deactivate Badge as required.

Configure settings3

You can also select the Inactive status for badges while editing to make them deactivated. You can view the active badges in the ACTIVE tab and the deactivated badges in the INACTIVE tab. You can activate and deactivate the badges any time.

Note: If you deactivate the badges, the employees cannot view them.

Activity badges

Activity badges are system-generated badges that automatically award points to employees after achieving certain tasks.

You can define the criteria for earning activity badges, aligning them with the organizational objectives. Once an employee achieves the required task or meets the specified criteria, the system automatically awards them the corresponding activity badge.

Activity badges are predefined badges assigned with specific events, which have gamification rules, consisting of certain points. Gamification rules help to create a structured and engaging experience for participants. It includes criteria for earning points and motivates employees to do what's needed to earn them.

You can edit the activity badges if required.

Navigate to Settings > Rewards > Activity Badges.

Click EDIT at the top right of a badge, make the necessary changes, and click SAVE.

Configure settings4

Manage redemption

You can set a minimum threshold for points redemption. Employees can redeem points only if they meet or exceed this threshold.

Navigate to Settings > Rewards > Manage Redemption.

Click EDIT at the top right, set the points, and click SAVE.

You can add funds to fulfill the employees' redemption requests.

Click +ADD FUND, fill in the necessary details, and click ADD CARD.

You must add location and currency for the points redemption, offering rewards that are relevant and accessible to employees in different regions, providing them with unique preferences and needs.

  1. Click Add Location, search and select the location, and enter the points to convert them into the respective location currency.
  2. Search and select the organization locations and click ADD.

Configure settings5

Custom rewards

You can add custom rewards and award them to the employees.

Navigate to Settings > Rewards > Custom Rewards.

  1. Click ADD CUSTOM REWARD at the top right and type the reward title.
  2. Type the description and upload an image to the Reward if required.
  3. Set the reward points required for redemption and type the quantity.
  4. Select the locations where rewards are available and click ADD.

Note: The custom reward is initially disabled when added. You can enable it to make it available for the employees to redeem.

On each custom reward, click the Overflow Overflow Menu-Nov-20-2023-05-10-31-0841-AM Menu to perform the following actions as required:

  • Edit: You can edit the custom reward details.
  • Product History: You can view the view and export the custom reward history.
  • Enable: You can disable and enable the custom rewards any time.
  • Delete: You can delete the custom rewards.

Note: If you disable the custom rewards, employees cannot view them.

Configure settings6

You can search the custom rewards based on location and enabled and disabled status.

Fund history

You can view the list of funds transferred.

Navigate to Settings > Rewards > Fund History.

You can export the fund history for reference.

Click the Overflow Overflow Menu-Nov-20-2023-05-10-31-0841-AM Menu at the top right and select Export.

Fund history1-1


You can manage the following features in settings:

  • Discretionary Badges: If enabled, employees can award points for these badges.
    • Enable Discretionary Points for all employees: If enabled, employees can award discretionary points to anyone in the organization.

Note: If discretionary points are disabled for all employees, employees cannot award points to others. However, if employees are assigned certain Roles and Permissions, they can award points.

  • Activity Badges: If enabled, employees receive points after achieving specific tasks.
  • Points Redemption: If enabled, employees can redeem their award points.
  • Ranks & Leaderboard: If enabled, employees can view the leaderboard that displays the ranks and award points of all employees.

Navigate to Settings > Rewards > Settings.

Enable or disable the features as required and click SAVE.

Configure settings7