Create a Top Level Goal

Admins can create individual and Top Level Goals and assign them to anyone in the organization. 

Top Level Goals include,

  • Organization Goals
  • Department Goals
  • Business Unit Goals

Organization Goals

These are the Goals that the entire organization aims to achieve. They align with the organization's mission and vision. Organizational Goals are set by Top Level management and provide direction for the entire organization. They serve as a structure for all other Goals within the organization.

Department Goals

These Goals are specific to Departments such as Sales, Marketing, or HR. Department Goals are more detailed and actionable to each department's unique responsibilities and functions. They should align and directly contribute to achieving the organization’s Goals.

Business Unit Goals

Business Unit Goals are objectives set for specific divisions within the organization. These units may have individual products, services, or markets. They help units track progress and contribute to the organization’s success.

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While creating a Goal, you can change the Goal Type to create a Top Level Goal. Learn more in Create a Goal.