List of user actions in 360 Feedback

Employees, managers, and admins can perform different actions in 360 Feedback. Some actions are user-specific, and some are based on admin permissions. Learn more in Overview of User Management.





Create a 360 Feedback Template

Manage a 360 Feedback Template

Create a 360 Feedback Cycle

Manage a 360 Feedback Cycle

Add and remove employees to the 360 Feedback cycle

Assign and unassign 360 Feedback template

(if admin permits)

Add respondents

(if admin permits)

(if admin permits)

Add external respondents

(if admin permits)

(if admin permits)

Remove respondents

(if admin permits)

(if admin permits)

Nudge respondents

Revoke respondents reviews

Lock and unlock the 360 Feedback cycle

View and export 360 Feedback cycle reports

Note: If the admin gives certain permissions to any employee in the organization, they can perform respective actions.