List of user actions in Goals

Employees, managers, and admins can perform different actions in Goals. Some actions are user-specific, and some are based on admin permissions. Learn more in Overview of User Management.





Configure Goals Settings

(If admin enables)

(If admin enables)

Create a Top Level Goal

Import Goals

(If admin enables)

(If admin enables)

Manage widgets

(If admin enables)

(If admin enables)

Nudge Business Unit and Department admins without Goals

View and export the Goals report from the dashboard

Create a Goal

Filter Goals

Follow and unfollow a Goal

Update a Goal

View Goals and their details

Edit a Goal

(if admin is the Goal owner or assigner)

Lock and unlock a Goal

Change the status of a Goal

Manage weights for the Key Results

Change the owner and assigner of a Goal

View the hierarchy of a Goal

Nudge Goal Owner

(if an employee is the Goal assigner) 

Request feedback about a Goal

Share feedback about a Goal

(if an employee is the Goal assigner)

Public praise of the Goal owner

(if an employee is the Goal assigner)

Clone a Goal

Delete a Goal

Edit a Key Result

Change Owner/Assigner of a Key Result

Convert a Key Result into a Goal

Note: If the admin gives certain permissions to any employee in the organization, they can perform respective actions.