Manage engagement survey

After adding sections and questions, the admins can manage the engagement survey if required. After managing, you can manage authors and push it to the template library making it available to other admins.

Navigate to Surveys and click the Surveys tab.

  1. Select Authored by You from the drop-down and select All.
  2. Select an engagement survey that you want to manage.

Add sections and questions1

  3.   Click the Overflow Overflow Menu-Nov-20-2023-05-10-31-0841-AM Menu at the top right to perform the following actions as required:
    • Click Edit to modify the engagement survey title and description.
    • Click Push to Template Library to push it to the template library, making it available to other admins.
    • Click Manage Authors to add other admins as authors or co-authors.
    • Click Copy to duplicate it.
    • Click Delete to delete it.

Manage engagemente survey2

Note: Deleting the engagement survey will remove associated assignments and responses. You cannot recover them.