Manage questions in Team Pulse

 After adding questions to Team Pulse, the admins can manage questions by editing and deleting them. Learn more in Add questions to Team Pulse.

Note: You cannot edit, delete, and pin the questions created by the managers.

Navigate to Team Pulse > Manage Categories.

You can edit, pause, delete, and pin a question.

Edit Question

You can edit the following in Team Questions and Private Questions:

  • Question
  • Question Category
  • Frequency Number
  • Start Date
  • End Date

Hover over the question, click the Overflow Menu menu1 Icon and click Edit Question.

Note: You cannot edit the question type, frequency, and Private Question setting, if applicable.

Pause Question

By default, the questions are active. You can pause a question, which is available in the question pool. The employees do not receive it in the upcoming pulse until you resume it.

You can see the paused question in the Inactive tab.

Click the Filter Master Component-1-1 Icon at the top right to filter active and inactive questions.

Delete Question

 You can delete the question, removing it from Team Pulse. The deleted question will be available in the Org Library.

  • Delete the individual question.
    Manage question1
  • Delete the question in bulk.
    Click the Overflow Menu Overflow Menu-4 Icon at the top right to delete the question in bulk.
    Manage question (bulk delete)

Pin Question

You can pin a question, which is always available at the top of the question pool for easy access. You can pin both the Team Questions and Private Questions. Pinned questions skip randomization and are sent to the employees each time when the frequency is applicable.

Hover over the question and click the Pin Pin grey-1 Icon on the question to pin it.

Note: You can pin three questions in Team Questions and three in Private Questions.

Hover over the question and click the Pin Pin-1 Icon on the pinned question to unpin it.