Add questions to team pulse

Admins can add questions to team pulse. While launching team pulse, you can add questions as per your organization's requirements. Learn more in Set up and launch team pulse.

 Note: If you add the questions after the start date of team pulse, the employees receive them from the upcoming pulse cycles.

You can add the questions in two ways, as required:

There are two question pools available. The questions are sent to the employees based on the maximum limit set for each pool.

  • Team Questions: The questions you created are available in Team Questions. You can view the employees' responses and managers’ reviews of their respective teams.
  • Private Questions: The questions only you can add to team pulse and view the employees’ responses. If required, you can make them anonymous by enabling Collect responses anonymously.
  • Manager Questions: You can view this tab if you have allowed the managers to create the questions for their respective teams.

Note: The questions added to team pulse get added to the Org Library for easy access.

Add questions from the question library

You can add the questions from the question library, which includes Engagedly Library and Org Library.

Engagedly Library has scientifically curated questions recommended by Engagedly.

Org Library has organization-specific questions. The questions created by the admins and managers are automatically added to it.

 Navigate to Team Pulse > Manage Questions.

  1. In the Add Question drop-down, select Add from Question Library.
  2. Select the library, select the questions, and click Select Questions.

You can preview the question to view its details.

Hover over the question and click PREVIEW.

Add Questions

Create questions

If you do not find any relevant questions in the library, you can create questions as required. You can create three types of questions:

  • Rating Scale
  • MCQ
  • Open Ended

Navigate to Team Pulse > Manage Questions.

  1. In the Add Question drop-down, select Create New Question.
  2. Select the question type, as required.

Add Questions1

 3.   Type the question and enter the options, if applicable.

 4.   Select a category for the question and select the audience.

 5.   Set the Frequency.

Note: You can send the questions only once or set them to recurring, choosing the frequency at which you want to send them. If the question is pinned, it will appear in the Weekly Pulse based on the frequency. If the question is not pinned, depending on randomization, it may or may not be sent to the employees that particular week.

  7.   Set the Start Date, End Date, and click Save.

By default, the question never ends on team pulse. However, you can set an end date for it.

Add Questions2

You can modify the number of questions sent to the employees weekly from the Team Question and Private Question pools in the Manage Questions tab. However, the modified changes will reflect in the upcoming pulse cycles.

While creating a question, you can enable the option Response visible only to admin, ensuring that only you can access the responses. This can help protect the privacy and confidentiality of the employees' responses.

If you enable the option Response visible only to admin, you will get the option Collect responses anonymously.

Note: After launching team pulse, you can modify the questions.

Learn more in Manage questions in team pulse.