Sign off your Performance review

Sign-off is the formal approval of the Performance review by the employees and other participants (if involved), where everyone acknowledges that the review process is complete.

After manager’s submission, the employees can view the ratings and comments provided by their manager on their performance (if HR/admins enable the manager’s review visibility to the employees).

After the manager’s submission, you will receive the notification to sign-off your review (if HR/admins enable the sign-off).

You can access the review forms in multiple ways.

  • On the home page, in the pending actions, click Start.
  • Click the Bell Bell Grey-2 Icon to view the in-app notification of the review.
Sign off1

  • Click View in your email notification.
  • Navigate to Performance > Overview .
  1. In the YOUR SUBMISSIONS field, click VIEW on the Performance cycle where you want to open the review form.
  2. Once you open the review form, click the Sign Off on the left pane that takes you to the sign off section.
  3. Click SIGN OFF.
Sign off2

    You can view and hide the sign-off history.

    • Click View Sign-off history at the bottom of the review form.

    The sign-off history gives the details of

    • Your request resolution
    • Your comment for request resolution (if added)
    • Resolution resolved
    • Sign off from you, your manager, and HR/admin

    View sign off history