View employee IDP reports

Admins can view employees’ IDP reports to monitor progress, provide support, and ensure alignment with organizational goals.

The reports provide an overview of the following:

  • Total IDPs created.
  • Employees who never had IDP.
  • Employees who do not have active IDP.
  • Employees who have active IDP.
  • Average completion time of IDP.

    You can also view employees' IDP details in their resource center.

    Navigate to Growth > Reports.

    You can select the employee based on groups such as departments, business units, and locations.

    Click the View By drop-down at the top right, and select the group and specific group as required.

    You can view the visual representation of created and completed IDPs within the team.

    Click the graph to view the details of created and completed IDPs.

    You can also view the competencies and skills linked to the IDPs.

    Note: You must enable skills and competencies for growth to view those fields.

    Click View Details in the respective fields to view the detailed reports.

    View employee IDP reports1 - Copy

    You can view the role satisfaction reports of your employees. Learn more in View employee responses to the career aspirations survey.

    View IDP details in the resource center

    You can view employees’ IDP details in their resource center which is available at the bottom of the performance review form.

    Navigate to Performance > Manage.

    1. Click the Process tab and click the View Form View Form Icon for an employee to open their review form.
    2. Click Growth on the resource center at the bottom of the review form to open the IDP details.

    View employee IDP reports2

    You can also view employees’ IDP details in their talent profiles.