Add and manage discussion points

Any participant can add discussion points to a meeting to collaborate with other participants, ensuring alignment with everyone’s expectations and enhancing transparency and teamwork. They can view and contribute to the discussion points by adding their input.

You can perform the following actions as required:

Navigate to the Candy Candy box1 Box on the left pane and select Meetings.

Add discussion points manually

You can manually add discussion points as required.

  1. Click a meeting and click Add discussion point in the Discussion Points field.

Add and manage discussion points1

  2.   Type the discussion point and press the enter key on your keyboard.

Below every discussion point, you can click blue plus Discussion point to add another discussion point.

Add discussion points using agenda templates

You can create agenda templates to add discussion points from them or use existing templates.

  1. Click Agenda Templates.
  2. At the top right, click the View By drop-down and select an option as required.
    • Org Templates: Created by the admin of your organization.
    • Engagedly Templates: Scientifically curated topics recommended by Engagedly  
    • My Templates: Anyone can create a template, which is visible to them as my template.

  3.   Click a template.

Add and manage discussion points2

  4.   Click Use Template at the top right.

Add and manage discussion points3

By default, all discussion points in the template are selected. You can deselect them as required.

Magage discussion points

After adding discussion points, you can manage them if required.

Note: You can manage the discussion points that you create.

Drag the Six Dot Six dot Icon on the left side of the discussion points and rearrange them.

Hover over the discussion point and click the Delete Delete Grey, Edit edit grey-3, Plus Plus-3 (to add a note to the discussion point), or Pin Pin grey icon to perform the necessary actions.

Note: You can pin the discussion points only in the recurring meetings. You can unpin them only in upcoming meetings.

Add and manage discussion points4

After pinning a discussion point, click the Pin  Icon on the pinned discussion point to unpin it.

Add attachments

You can attach images, files, or documents to the meeting, enhancing clarity and comprehension. Visual aids provide additional context, support key points, and help participants better understand each other.

Click Attach, select a file, and click Open.

Add and manage discussion points5

You can also add discussion points from other modules. Learn more in Add discussion points from other modules.