Inbox in team pulse

If the admins, managers, and employees are part of a conversation, they receive an inbox notification when other participants initiate a conversation. The conversation focuses on the comments made on the responses to each question.

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The inbox feature helps the users stay organized, prioritize, and reply to messages more efficiently, leading to better communication and collaboration within the platform.

Navigate to Team Pulse > Inbox.

On the left pane, you can view the questions, the participant’s name, and their latest response. On the right, you can view the conversation on the question, which is at the top of the left pane.

The inbox has the following features:

  • Add comments to a conversation: Select a conversation on the left pane, add a comment in the conversation window, and click the Post send (1) Icon to post it.
  • Add participants to a conversation: Add other employees to participate in the conversation and comment on it if they are related.
  1. Select the conversation on the left pane and click the Add blue Icon in the conversation window.
  2. Search the participants in the Search field, select the employees, and click Add.
Inbox (Add participant)-1
  • View all the comments given by all the participants if you are a participant in the conversation.
  • Search the conversation based on the questions and particular employees.
  • Filter the conversations based on read and unread comments:
    Click the Filter Master Component-1-1 Icon at the top right and select Unread or Read, as required, to view the conversations based on it.
  • Add the conversations to your favorites list:
    Hover over the questions on the left pane, and click the Star Star Grey-2 Icon to add the conversation(s) to your favorites list to access them easily.
    Click the Star Star Grey-2 Icon at the top right to view favorite conversations.