Manager functionalities in mobile application

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Team Pulse
  3. Growth

1. Introduction

Engagedly’s mobile application offers a holistic experience, allowing you to perform frequent actions anytime. The mobile application is designed from an employee perspective. However, Engagedly provides you with specific functionalities within the Team Pulse and Growth modules.

Learn more in the Mobile application user guide for Employees for further insights into downloading and accessing additional features.

2. Team Pulse

Team Pulse helps managers proactively identify problems, foster regular interactions, and provide insights into team sentiments, enabling informed decision-making.

Navigate to Apps > Team Pulse.

Besides the My Pulse tab, you can view the My Entire Team tab, which displays a list of employees.

After the admin launches Team Pulse, you can view a list of employees and the questions they received.

Note: The My Entire Team tab includes your direct reports and the secondary team.

Click the Search Search-2 Icon at the top right to search for employees by name.

Click the Filter Filters-1  Icon to filter the employees based on their response status, like review pending, yet to submit, submission missed, and reviewed.

You can view the employees’ status as Waiting if they have not submitted their responses.

You can perform the following actions:

  • Review your team’s responses.
  • View the response history for each question.
  • Add comments, if required, to initiate a conversation on each question.
  • Download individual question responses.

Navigate to Apps > Team Pulse > My Entire Team.

Click the Period drop-down and select a period to view their responses.

After your employees submit their responses, you can submit your review.

Select the employee whose status is Review Pending.


Type your response, which is optional, and click Submit Review.


You can view the history of each question with the employee’s response and the manager’s review.

Click View History at the top of a question.

Each question has a Comment option, where you can initiate a conversation about the particular question.

Click Comment to initiate a conversation, type your comment, and click the Send send (1)-1  Icon.

You can download the response for reference.

Click the Download Download-1 Icon at the top right to download the report.

Note: You can view the Comment option only after your review submission.


Learn more in Introduction to Team Pulse.

3. Growth

The Growth module empowers you to optimize talent management processes, drive employee development and engagement, and contribute to the organization's success.

Navigate to Apps > Growth.

Besides the My IDP tab, you can view the My Entire Team tab, which displays a list of your team members.

Click the Search Search-2 Icon at the top right to search for employees by name.

You can perform the following actions:

  • Create IDPs.
  • Add milestones to the IDP.
  • Add texts, resources, and attachments to the milestones.

Note: You can edit and delete IDPs only if you have created them for the employees.

Navigate to Apps > Growth > My Entire Team.

Select an employee, click the Add Create IDP-1 Icon at the top, type the necessary details, and click Save.

You can view a list of IDPs of the employee if they have created.

Click the Filter Filters-1 Icon at the top to filter the IDPs based on their status, like, Not Started, Active, On Hold, and Completed.

Click the Search Search-2 Icon at the top right to search for the IDP of a particular employee.

You can share feedback and praise on the IDP progress of the employees.

Beside the employee’s name,

  • Click the Praise Icon to publicly praise the employee.
  • Click the Share Feedback Icon to share feedback on Social.

Admins launch the career aspiration survey within the organization. You can view employee’s responses to the career aspiration survey.

Click Career Aspirations.

You receive an in-app notification in the Engagedly mobile application when your team members edit their responses to the Role Satisfaction question.

Click View History on any question to view the history of responses for that particular question.


Click the Overflow Overflow Menu-Nov-20-2023-05-10-31-0841-AM Menu on IDP and select Add Milestones, Mark as Complete, or Put on Hold as required.


You can download the mobile application for a seamless journey to a more connected and streamlined work experience.