Overview of the Home page

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Additional Features

3. Glimpse of the Product

1. Introduction

The Engagedly home page serves as the landing page for all users, regardless of their roles within the platform. After you log in, you will land on the overview page, where you can view the pending actions, highlighting the information that requires your immediate action.

Click your profile photo at the top right to perform the following actions:
  • Impersonate: You can temporarily assume the role of another user within the platform for administrative purposes, enabling you to experience the platform as if you were that selected individual.
  • Manage Profile: You can manage your profile information, photo, password, and email notifications. You can also select the language and timezone for the platform.
  • Settings: It offers comprehensive details on users, groups, organization settings, audit logs, integrations, billing information, and module-specific settings. You can customize the settings as required and they will reflect on all employee accounts in the organization.
  • Sign Out: You can sign out of the platform.
  • Customize Theme Colors: You can customize the platform with your organization's brand colors and upload a logo that reflects on all employee accounts.

Home page

Note: Only admins can access the Impersonate, Settings, and Customize Theme Colors options.

  • Click the Bell Notification (1) Icon that gives in-app notifications based on pending actions and other organizational activities.
  • Click the Speaker Beamer - announcement Icon to view product updates, share your ideas for new features, and explore our roadmap for product enhancements.

Underneath the pending actions, you can view the following modules, which offer concise overviews, enabling you to access their information from the home page without navigating to each module.

  • Goals
  • Feedback
  • Learning
  • Growth

On the right side, you can view your photo, which is updated from your profile. The rank, points, and badges are related to the Rewards module. Accumulated points determine your rank and unlock the badges representing your achievements.

Learn more in Introduction to Rewards.

  • Hover over your photo to view your details.
  • Click Rank to view your position in the leaderboard.
  • Click Points to view all the points you earned.
  • Hover over the badges to view their names.

The Sentiment Trend gives a pattern of sentiment expressed through your weekly pulse responses.

Note: You do not see the sentiment trend on the home page if your organization does not have emoji rating questions in Team Pulse.

2. Additional Features

You can access the additional features on the home page:

  • Click Manage Widgets to manage the visibility of the modules Goals, Feedback, Learning, and Growth on the home page.
  • View Org Directory and help articles in the Resources section.
  • Add internal and external links for quick access in Quick Links.
  • Filter between Birthdays and Anniversaries in the Celebrations section to view upcoming events.
  • View your team information, including manager, skip manager, HR manager, secondary manager, and secondary team in My Circle. It helps you understand your workplace relationships.

Home page1-1

On the left pane, you can view

  • Home tab if you are an employee.
  • Home and Teams tabs if you are a manager.
  • Home and Admin tabs if you are an admin.

The employees can also view the Manage tab on the left pane if admins assign them certain permissions, giving them the capability to oversee the functions of the respective modules. Learn more in the Overview of User Management.

On the left pane, you can view your Talent Profile, including your profile, org chart, Performance reviews, Goals, and other details.

The admins can access the Settings on the left pane to configure the module-specific settings.

At the bottom right, click Help to get help, access resources, chat with Marissa AI, contact our support, and visit our academy, which offers a range of courses, certifications, and innovative learning solutions.

3. Glimpse of the Product

Introductory Tour Home Page ▶️

The home page enhances the user experience by offering a comprehensive snapshot of activities and enabling quick navigation, leading to increased engagement and productivity on the Engagedly platform.