Rewards user guide for managers

Table of contents

  1. Introduction

          1.1. How does it work

          1.2. User actions

  2.   Award points

  3.   View team’s overview

  4.   View and export reports

1. Introduction

Engagedly's Rewards module is a dynamic and comprehensive tool designed to recognize employee performance and incentivize their valuable contributions. It empowers managers to effortlessly manage and administer rewards within their teams.

Engagedly's Rewards module propels organizations towards greater success and fulfillment by fostering a culture of appreciation, motivation, and engagement.

1.1. How does it work

  1. You can award points to your direct reports and secondary team if the admin gives you permission.
  1. You receive a notification if the admin nudges you, reminding you to reward points to your team.
  2. You can view your team’s engagement and leaderboard.
  3. You can view and export reports of the points you awarded to the employees, and the points they received and redeemed.

1.2. User actions

You can perform the following actions in Rewards:

  • Award points (if admin gives you permission)
  • View team’s engagement
  • View leaderboard
  •  View and export reports

2. Award points

You can award points to any employee of the organization if the admin gives you permission. Learn more in Award points.

3. View team’s overview

You can view your team’s engagement in the overview, which displays 

  • Available reward points and their validity.
  • Discretionary and activity badges.
  • Gamification rules.
  • Points received and redeemed by your team.
  • Leaderboard.
  • View and export reports.

Learn more in View team’s overview.

4. View and export reports

You can view and export the rewards reports of your direct reports and the secondary team. Learn more in View and export reports.

Engagedly's rewards module assists managers in recognizing and rewarding their team's achievements, tracking their performance, and motivating them to reach their goals.

Learn more in the glossary to understand the key terms of Rewards.