View and export reports

Managers can view their direct reports 360 Feedback reports.

Note: You can view the 360 Feedback report only if the HR/admins enable the permission while creating a cycle.

The feedback reports are classified as the following:

  • Summary
  • Feedback Areas
  • Ratings
  • Ratings and Comments

Note: If admins set respondent names are anonymous to Managers, you cannot view the Ratings and Comments in the 360 Feedback report.

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Summarize using Marissa

Summarizing 360 Feedback comments using Marissa provides a clear overview of an employee's feedback to managers, HR/admins, and relevant stakeholders. Marissa can analyze and extract insights from the feedback comments, which saves time compared to reading and analyzing each comment individually. The summary response can help managers and HR/admins quickly identify positive feedback and critical issues.

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