Configure Goals Settings

Admins have access to Configure Goals Settings and can manage the following features:


The Goal Settings provides options to activate the following features for the employees:

Navigate to Settings > Goals > Settings.

Select the options you want to activate for your employees and click SAVE.

Configuration Settings-1

Enable Goal Visibility

By default, the reporting hierarchy can view the employee’s Goals. You can select other options, such as Everyone, Departments, Business Units, and None, allowing them to view the Goals as required.

If you select,

  • Everyone: Goals are visible to all employees.
  • Departments: Goals are visible only to the employee’s respective department(s).
  • Business Units: Goals are visible only to the employee’s respective business unit(s).
  • None: Goals are not visible to anyone except the employee’s reporting hierarchy.

Note: Reporting hierarchy includes manager, secondary manager (if any), and skip level manager.

  • Select Enable users to edit the Goal visibility, allowing anyone within the organization to edit the visibility for their Goals.

Enable Goal Status

Goals are categorized into five statuses: Not Started, On Track, Behind, At Risk, and Achieved.

  • Not Started: The employee has not started working towards the Goal.
  • On Track: The employee is working to achieve the Goal and is expected to complete it on time.
  • Behind: The employee is progressing to achieve the Goal but has not completed it. However, the employee can get the Goal back on track.
  • At Risk: The employee is working to achieve the Goal but may not be able to complete it on time.
  • Achieved: The Goal is completed.

Learn more in Automatic Goal status updates.

Enable Top Level Goals

Enabling Top Level Goals allows you to create Business Unit, Department, and Organization Goals.  Learn more in Create a Top Level Goal.

Note: Only the admins can create Top Level Goals.

Enable Alignment

Enabling alignment allows employees to align their Goals with any Goals in the organization.

Enable Reward points for Goals

Enabling Reward points allows you to award points to the employees as per their Goal progress.

  1. Click Manage reward points.
  2. Type the required Goal progress (%) and the number of points to be awarded, and click SAVE.Configuration Settings rewards
  3. You can edit or delete the existing rules and add more rules to manage reward points.
    Configuration Settings rewards 1

Note: Reward points are accessible only if the organization enables the Rewards module.

Enable Preset Goal Cycles

Preset Goal Cycles allow employees to select a predefined Goal cycle while creating a Goal. Adding a preset Goal cycle allows employees to select a predefined Goal period while creating the Goal. Learn more in Add and manage Goal Cycles.

Note: You can create and manage Goal cycles only when it is enabled in the settings.

  • Select Enable Custom Goal Cycles to allow employees to create customized Goal cycles while creating Goals.

Enable Key Results to Goal conversion

Converting a Key Result into a Goal allows a combination of a Goal and Key Results to align it with the parent Goal either as a contributor or an aligned Goal.

  • Select Allow a combination of Key Results and Goals under a parent Goal to allow employees to convert existing Key Results into Goals.

Unit Types

The Goal Unit Types allow employees to measure the Goal progress in quantity and set the target values to achieve the Goal.

Navigate to Settings > Goals > Unit Types.

  1. Click ADD UNIT TYPE.Configuration Settings Unit types
  2. Click the Drop-down menu, select an icon, type the Unit Type, and click ADD.Configuration Settings Unit type add
When any unit type is added, by default, the status of the unit type will be Active. You can change the status to Inactive, if needed.
  • Click the Drop-down menu of the unit type you want to change the status and select Inactive.Configuration Settings Unit type add1

Note: When the status is Inactive, the employees cannot select the specific Goal Unit Type while choosing the measurement type during the Goal creation.

Goal Categories

The Goal Categories help to enhance the searchability of the Goals.

Navigate to Settings > Goals > Goal Categories.

  1. Enable the Goal categories.
  2. Click NEW CATEGORY.Configuration Settings Goal Categories
  3. Type the Title name and click ADD.Configuration Settings Goal Categories 1

You can edit or delete them, if needed. 

  • Click the Overflow Overflow Menu-Nov-20-2023-05-10-31-0841-AM Menu, select Edit, make changes in the Edit Goal Category window, and click SAVE.
    Configuration Settings Goal Categories edit and delete
  • Select Delete and click DELETE to delete the category.