Manage assignments

After creating assignments in an engagement survey, the admins can manage them if required.

Navigate to Surveys and click the Surveys tab.

  1. Select Authored by You from the drop-down and select All.
  2. Select an engagement survey that you want to manage.

Add sections and questions1

  3.   In the Assignments tab, click the Overflow Overflow Menu-Nov-20-2023-05-10-31-0841-AM Menu on an assignment to perform the following:
  • Click Edit to modify the assignment details.

Note: You can

  • Edit the start date if it has not passed yet.
  • Edit the end date even if it has passed.
  • Remove the end date by clicking the End Date field and pressing backspace on your keyboard. 
  • Click Respondents to add or remove the respondents. Learn more in Manage respondents.
  • Click Recurrence to schedule the recurrence for an assignment, such as Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annually, Annually, and Custom as required. Learn more in the User guide for Admins.

Note: Once the assignments recur, they will appear below the parent assignment with automatic numbering.

  • Click Close to end the assignment.

After closing the assignment, you can view its status as ENDED, indicating that response collection has stopped.

After closing the assignment, you can view the Open option in the overflow menu.

  • Click Open to open the closed assignment anytime, which removes its end date and makes it available for the respondents. Once you open the assignment, you can view its status as ACTIVE.
  • Click Delete to delete an assignment.

Note: If you delete an assignment,

  • The respondents cannot access it.
  • It removes the responses.

Manage assignments2

You can view the Share option in the assignment type Post the survey on social, allowing you to share the assignment as a social post within the organization.

After managing an assignment, you can share it with the employees.