Share and Request Feedback

Employees can share and request Feedback only if the admin enables the feature. They can share feedback using Marissa AI.

Navigate to Feedback > Overview.

Share Feedback

You can share Feedback about other employees to help them understand their strengths and areas of improvement.

  1. Click SHARE or Create Icon at the top left and select Share Feedback.
    Share feedback
  2. Search and select the employees and type your Feedback.
  3. Click ATTACH to upload a file if required, select the Feedback type, and select the Feedback categories.
  4. Select the employees to make the Feedback visible to them if required.

Note: By default, the Respective Managers option is enabled, and you cannot disable it.

    5.   Select Be Anonymous to share Feedback anonymously if required and click SHARE.

Share Feedback using Marissa

Marissa is Engagedly’s AI assistant that generates Feedback using the Situation, Behavior, and Impact framework. Learn more in Marissa, Engagedly’s AI Assistant.

  1. Click the Overflow Menu and select Enable Marissa.
    Enable marissa
  2. Select the Feedback type and select the employee.
  3. Type the Situation, Behaviour, and Impact, and click PROCEED to generate the Feedback. You can also edit the Feedback generated by Marissa as required.
  4. Search and select the Feedback categories and select the employee to make the Feedback visible to them.

Note: If you share Feedback anonymously, your identity remains confidential.

    5.   Click ATTACH to upload a file if required, and click SHARE.

Request Feedback

You can request Feedback from other employees in the organization.

  1. Click REQUEST or Create Icon at the top left and select Request Feedback.

Request feedback

  2.   Search and select the employee, and type your request.

  3.   Select Feedback categories and click REQUEST.

Note: You can request Feedback for yourself or other employees.