Marissa, Engagedly’s AI Assistant

Marissa, Engagedly’s artificial intelligence (AI) assistant, is designed to support HR leaders, managers, and employees in creating a highly engaged, high-performance organization. It assists them in giving effective feedback and praise, gathering and summarizing insights from surveys, feedback, team pulse responses, and more.

Functionalities of Marissa

Marissa empowers HR leaders and managers in various ways. It helps to
  • Give feedback to the employees that fosters communication and trust between managers and employees, allowing them to realign expectations with desired results.
    Learn more in Share Feedback using Marissa.
  • Generate personalized, impactful praise that instantly boosts your team’s morale.
    Learn more in Praise using Marissa.
  • Summarize 360° feedback reports, focusing on specific feedback or behaviors.
    Learn more in Summarize 360 Feedback using Marissa.
  • Summarize the Team Pulse responses to open-ended questions. Also, you can understand your employees’ engagement levels, sentiments, and pulse by keeping your organization on track to success. Learn more in Summarize Team Pulse responses using Marissa.
  • Generate personalized milestones tailored to your individual development plan (IDP) and achieve your individual growth goals. Learn more in Add and manage milestones.
  • Marissa empowers employees by providing personalized guidance on becoming better communicators and leaders within their organizations. It also provides comprehensive information on Engagedly products with relevant citations.
    Learn more in Add training resources to Marissa.

With advanced capabilities, Marissa assists HR leaders, managers, and employees in achieving greater success in their respective roles. Learn more in Marissa, your AI enablement coach.