Sign-off performance reviews for employees

Sign-off is the formal approval of the performance review by the employees and other participants (if involved), where everyone acknowledges that the review process is complete.

Sign-off indicates that the employees and managers agree and are satisfied with the ratings and comments.

Participants with appropriate permissions can sign off on performance reviews. Sign-off initiates when all the review participants submit their reviews.

Note: While creating a cycle, you can enable sign-off for employees, managers, skip-level managers, additional reviewers, delegate reviewers, and HR Managers as required.

You receive in-app, email, and pending action notifications to sign-off after the employees and other participants complete their sign-off.

After all the actions of all the reviewers, the sign-off will be triggered for the employee only when the HR/Site Admin enables the manager's review visibility for employees. The sign-off process occurs in the following way:

  1. Employee signs off.
  2. Manager signs off (if involved).
  3. HR manager signs off (if involved).

You can access the cycle in multiple ways.

Navigate to Performance > Manage > Process.

Click the View Form View Form Icon, scroll down the review form, and click SIGN OFF.

Sign Off (HR)

You will not get a sign-off option if the employees request a resolution. You have to rollback the reviewer’s review. Once the reviewers modify their previous review submission, the sign-off process initiates.