Social User Guide for Employees

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

          1.1 How does it work

          1.2 User Actions

2. Create a Post

3. Managing Posts

          3.1 Edit and Delete a Post

          3.2 Reactions to a Post

          3.3 Filter Posts

1. Introduction

Social is a module that provides a place for employees to collaborate effectively and share their thoughts within the organization.

1.1 How does it Work

  1. You create Posts to share updates and information or seek help.

  2. You earn points for each post.

  3. Users receive an email notification.

  4. Users can like, comment, and react to the posts.

Note: If the Admins have enabled the Rewards and Gamification, only then employees can earn points.

Note: If your organization uses MS Teams and Slack, you also receive notifications from both platforms.

1.2 User Actions

You can perform the following actions in Social:

  • Create a Post

  • Edit a Post

  • React to the Post

  • Delete a Post

2. Create a Post

You can Create your status updates, knowledge, and ideas and share them with everyone or with specific people or groups.

Navigate to Home > Social.

Your Post can be of four types: Share Status, Ask for Help, Share an Idea, Share Knowledge.

  • Share Status: You can share your thoughts within the organization.

  • Ask for Help: You can ask for a wide range of solutions to your problem. 

  • Share an Idea: You can share your project or business idea to explore.

  • Share Knowledge: You can share something new you learned.

3. Managing Posts

After creating a Post, you can manage posts to organize the content you and others share. It includes:

  • Edit and Delete a Post

  • Reactions to a Post

  • Filter Posts

3.1 Edit and Delete a Post

You can edit your post anytime, as required, and you can delete your post from the Social Feed. Learn more in Manage a Post.

3.2 Reactions to a Post

Reactions are fast ways to show feelings with emojis on Social. They make it easier to interact with posts and share how you feel. Learn more in Reactions to a Post.

3.3 Filter Posts

Filtering posts on Social is to customize your feed by keywords or hashtags and to view only the content relevant to a user's interests, ensuring a more personalized and engaging experience.

  • You can Filter Posts either by Recent posts or by Popular posts.

  • Click the Custom Filter Filter-4 Icon, where you can filter the posts using,

    • Search bar: Search posts by Name, Tags, or Keyword

    • All Types: From the dropdown, select the type of post you wish to view, such as Status Update, Help, or Knowledge.

    • All locations: From the dropdown, select the location of post-initiation.

Note: A pinned post will always appear on the top in the Recent and Popular filters, irrespective of the post's date and activity.