Create performance review template

Templates are questionnaires used to evaluate employees’ performance. A template can include multiple sections, with each section containing multiple questions (sub-sections with sub-questions).

Engagedly offers you predefined performance templates curated by industry experts, which are available in the Engagedly library.

HR/admins can also create customizable templates based on the organization's goals, values, and specific evaluation criteria. Template creation allows the admins to add goals, job competencies, and IDPs to the review form.

You can add a template from either the Engagedly library or create one that suits your requirements.

Navigate to Performance > Templates.

Add template

  1. Click + Add From Engagedly library to use a template from the Engagedly library.
  2. Hover over the template and click Preview to view the template before using it.
  3. Select the template and click COPY.

Create a performance review template

After adding a template, you can manage it if required.

Create template

You can create a template with questions tailored to your organization's needs.

  1. Click CREATE at the top right.
  2. Type the template name and click NEXT.
  3. In the TEMPLATE SECTIONS, type the section title and its description, and click SAVE.

The Add sub section field appears automatically when you add a section to the template.

The Add question field appears automatically when you add a subsection to the section.

Based on your requirements, you can perform the following actions at the section and subsection levels:

At the section level, you can
  • Click Add + sub section and + Add question to add the subsection and question in each section.
  • Toggle the button to enable or disable employee and manager ratings and comments for the section.
  • Enable Mandatory rating and comments for employee and manager.
  • Click Weighting to add the weights for each section and subsection to assign different levels of importance.

Note: The weighting added to the section must equal 100%.

  • Hover over the section and select the Edit, Delete, and Six Dot Icons as required.

Create Template1-1

Add goals, job competencies, and IDPs

You can add the employee's goals, job competencies, and IDPs into their review form, streamlining the review process and saving time and effort for the employees and reviewers. This facilitates a holistic assessment of employee performance, enabling meaningful feedback and focused development planning.

  1. Click the ADD drop-down, and select + Section, + Goals, + Job Competency, or + IDP as required.

Note: Competencies are auto-added based on the employee's job title.

  2.   Type the name and description.

  3.   Select the necessary options and click SAVE.

Create Template2-1

If required, you can

  • Add one or multiple goals and IDPs of employees to their review form.
  • Enable the options Make Goals Mandatory for Employees and Make IDP Mandatory for Employees, allowing employees to add at least one goal and IDP, respectively, to their review form.
  • Toggle the button to enable or disable employee and manager ratings and comments on the goals, competencies, and IDPs.
Create Template3

At the subsection level, you can

  • Hover over the subsection and select Edit, Delete, Plus, and Six Dot Icons as required.
  • Click + ADD COMPETENCY FROM LIBRARY to add the competencies from the Engagedly competency library.

Note: When you add the competency, it auto-generates the job title assigned to the employee. 


Create Template2

You can PREVIEW the template and click SAVE at the top right to save it.

After creating the template, you can assign it to the existing cycle.

  1. Click the Overflow Overflow Menu-Oct-11-2023-07-43-45-1628-AM Menu for any template and select Assign.
  2. Select an existing cycle and click SELECT.

Create Template3

Note: You can assign the template to the employees who are already added to the cycle.

After creating a template, you can create a new cycle to assign the template to or assign it to an existing cycle as required.

After assigning a template to the cycle, you can add the employees to it.

You can manage the template if required.

Learn more in the glossary to understand the key terms of Performance.