User guide for Admins

Table of contents

  1. Introduction

          1.1. How does it work

          1.2. User actions

  2.   Configure settings

  3.   Award points

  4.   Fulfill or decline redemption requests

  5.   Nudge managers

  6.   View dashboard and export reports

  7.   Reset reward points

1. Introduction

Engagedly's Rewards module is a dynamic and comprehensive tool designed to recognize employee performance and incentivize their valuable contributions. It empowers admins to effortlessly manage and administer rewards within their organization.

Engagedly's Rewards module propels organizations towards greater success and fulfillment by fostering a culture of appreciation, motivation, and engagement.

1.1. How does it work

  1. You can enable or disable the features as required, and set reward points.
  2. Employees with permission can award points to others.

Note: If you enable the option Enable Discretionary Points for all employees, any employee can award points to others. Learn more in Configure settings.

  3.   Employees receive notification if they receive points.

  4.   Employees can redeem their points by purchasing gift cards or custom rewards.

  5.   You receive a notification when the employees redeem their points.

  6.   You can fulfill or decline the custom reward requests by employees.

  7.   You can view and export reports of the points awarded to the employees, and points received and redeemed by the employees.

1.2. User actions

You can perform the following actions in Rewards:

  • Configure settings
  • Create discretionary badges
  • Award points
  • Nudge managers
  • Fulfill or decline redemption requests
  • View dashboard
  • Reset reward points
  • View and export reports

2. Configure settings

You can configure settings and manage the following features:

Navigate to Settings > Rewards.

  • Discretionary badges: Add and manage discretionary badges.
  • Activity badges: You can define the criteria for earning activity badges.
  • Manage redemption: You can set a minimum threshold for points redemption.
  • Custom rewards: You can add and manage custom rewards.
  • Fund history: You can view the list of funds transferred from the credit card.
  • Settings: You can manage the rewards settings to enable or disable certain features.

Learn more in Configure settings.

3. Award points

You can award points to any employee of the organization to recognize and incentivize positive behaviors, achievements, or contributions. Learn more in Award points.

4. Fulfill or decline redemption requests

You can fulfill or decline the redemption requests when an employee redeems their custom rewards. You can export the custom rewards report. Learn more in Fulfill or decline redemption requests.

5. Nudge managers

You can nudge managers, reminding them to award points for their team members. Learn more in Nudge managers.

6. View dashboard and export reports

You can view the dashboard, which displays 

  • Available reward points and their validity.
  • Discretionary and activity badges.
  • Gamification rules.
  • Employee engagement with the points you have awarded to the employees.
  • Statistical data for all teams and departments within the organization.
  • Points received and redeemed by the employees.
  • View and export reports.
  • Leaderboard.

Learn more in View dashboard and export reports.

7. Reset reward points

You can reset the employees' reward points to zero. Learn more in Reset reward points.

Note: Once you reset the points, you cannot reverse your action.

Engagedly's rewards module assists administrators in awarding, managing, and exporting employee reward points, establishing redemption criteria, and analyzing overall engagement.

Learn more in the glossary to understand the key terms of Rewards.