Overview of the Settings

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Get Started

3. Glimpse of the Product

1. Introduction

Engagedly offers organizations an intuitive and user-friendly experience designed to streamline administrative tasks efficiently. The overview serves as a centralized dashboard for admins, particularly HR personnel, providing a comprehensive view of critical organizational information. The Engagedly platform is designed to align with the sequence of user actions.

The overview offers quick and convenient access to relevant data and essential administrative details. It has two sets of items: Default items and Module-wise items. The default items include

  • Active users
  • Departments
  • Business Units
  • Locations
  • Pending invoices
  • Competencies
  • Job titles

You can view the count of each item and quickly access them from the overview rather than going to their respective sections. Learn more in Overview of the User Management.

You can view the

  • Addition or departure of users within the last 30 days
  • Status of subscribed applications
  • Designated point of contact
  • Knowledge base to visit and learn more about the platform

The module-wise items provide specific insights into various modules of the product.

Access the default and module-wise items to add and manage them based on your requirements.

Note: Enable the modules from Engagedly Apps to view module-wise items in the overview.

2. Get Started

To get started, you need to understand the sequence of our platform.

  1. Get an overview of the platform.
  2. Manage global settings that reflect everyone’s settings in the organization.
  3. Manage individual users.
  4. Enable or disable notifications that reflect everyone in the organization.
  5. Track and monitor the users’ activities in audit log.
  6. Access billing details, subscriptions, and invoices.
  7. Add and manage competencies that align with your organizational values, goals, and job requirements.
  8. Create and manage skills, enabling the users to perform certain tasks or activities effectively.
  9. Access Integrations, enabling you to sync data seamlessly from various integrated apps into the Engagedly platform.
  10. Add and manage Resources to Marissa, Engagedly’s Artificial Intelligence.
  11. Add and manage Automation to automate the workflow.
  12. Enable or disable the subscribed module from Engagedly Apps.

3. Glimpse of the Product

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